Sunday, February 24, 2013

HIT OR MISS? Bizarre kissing competition on Scoot flight splits opinions!

Passengers take part in Scoot's kissing contest for Valentine's day
Passengers take part in Scoot's kissing contest
Imagine this. You’re travelling on a flight from Singapore to Bangkok, excited about reaching your final destination, when soon after take-off, the couple seated in the row ahead of yours stand-up and start kissing each other. Not a little peck on the cheek, but a full-on passionate embrace.

Sounds a little odd, right? But wait, the story doesn’t finish there. You look around the aircraft to check other people’s reaction to this somewhat peculiar behaviour, but to your surprise, there are several couples doing exactly the same thing. Young couples, old couples, same-sex couples… all participating in what can only be described as a kissing marathon (kiss-a-thon?).

Now, before you think I’ve totally lost the plot, this is not a work of fiction. On the contrary, it actually happened on-board a recent Scoot flight… and the budget airline couldn’t be happier about the situation. That’s because the couples were taking part in a Valentine’s Day competition on two different flights, with free goodies on offer to the pair that kissed for the longest. Head over to my Facebook page to view all the photos.

On the first flight, the winners locked lips for a total of 35 minutes, receiving free flights and hotel accommodation to any destination on Scoot’s network for their efforts. The results on the second flight were even more impressive, with five couples kissing all the way from Singapore to Bangkok!

Budget airline Scoot hosts kissing competition for Valentine's Day 2013
Was the contest a clever gimmick or a step too far?
"They kissed while standing, sitting, squatting and persisting till the flight was about to descend,” stated a press release in perhaps too much detail.

All five couples were declared winners and received a pair of economy-class tickets, with Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson describing the competition as a “fun experience”.

"It was great to celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day, and in a much more enjoyable way than just keeping ones hand on a car. We only hope that our fantastic couples haven't prematurely exhausted their passion,” he added.

However, while the competition has received a lot of media coverage (unsurprisingly), if you look at the photos on my Facebook page (which originally appeared on Scoot's Facebook page), it seems there was a mixed response from passengers on the flights – some were unfazed by the situation while others looked ‘less than impressed with the displays of affection’, using the words of a report by

What are your thoughts? Was this a clever gimmick or a step too far? As always, please feel free to share your comments here, and you can also get in touch on FacebookTwitter and Google+ - I look forward to connecting with you!


  1. Nadeem Khalid QureshiFebruary 25, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    Bizarre. Pulls 'budget' to a new level of cheap. Kissing for money or freebies? One shudders to think what might be next.

  2. On its own, displays of affection are nice thing. Using it as a gimmick to win prizes makes it trashy and lacking class, something you'd see in a trailer park. Way to go Scoot!

  3. Seems like a great publicity stunt to get media attention for the airline good or bad. Always works for Ryan Air.

    My personal view is that it’s just harmless fun and not doing anyone any harm unfortunately the more conservative people may take offense and when you’re in a confide area of a plane it’s unfair for then.

  4. I would be squirming in my seat if I was on that airplane! A mass quick kiss would be quite funny but a snog for 35 minutes? That would put me off flying with Scoot forever, but I guess if their chosen market is young people then the gimmick might just work!

  5. Our favorite budget airline CEO, Michael O'Leary, once suggested at a press conference in Germany that business class passengers would receive free oral sex on Ryanair Trans-Atlantic flights .

  6. If it worked for Scoot- that's good. Not sure though I'd be comfortable sitting next to the kissers!

  7. This begs the bigger question; just because I pay a low fare, do I have to endure games or contests on board a flight when I just want to work, listen to music or rest? I once had a cabin crew member actually wake me in mid-flight to ask if I wanted to participate in their game. Of course, my answer was an annoyed, NO!

    Sometimes I think airlines try to hard to emulate that fun spirit that Southwest claimed long ago. While imitation can be the highest form of flattery, it can also flop miserably. Don't assume that just because I paid a low fare that it means I fit a certain demographic.

    How about low fares, friendly staff and a pleasant trip?

  8. Well they obtained plenty of free publicity from this stunt, which could be a good thing if it fits the way you want your company perceived, sort of wacky and fun.

    Having said that, I would not have enjoyed the flight if I was flying with my young daughter. As these were actual contestant you may not be able to ensure they are acting within acceptable boundaries, particularly when you are encouraging them not to.

  9. An expression of love is nice but not for a competition. Also, it may not sit well with the other passengers on board - may be
    a bit uncomfortable for some. Flowers and chocolate might be traditional but it always works....!


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