Wednesday, March 20, 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Fun facts about the Airbus A380 to celebrate the aircraft’s 100th delivery!

Less than a week ago, Airbus delivered its 100th A380 to Malaysia Airlines – a milestone I covered on my blog (click here to read the story), in addition to a photo gallery of the delivery ceremony on my Facebook page (click here to view the images).

Since the article and photo gallery were well-received, I’ve decided to complete a hat-trick with my coverage and post an Airbus A380 infographic (below) as well… a special treat for my fellow avgeeks!

An Airbus A380 infographic to celebrate the aircraft's 100th delivery
The Airbus A380 Infographic (click to enlarge)
According to Airbus, the 100th delivery underscores the A380’s global reach – particularly in the Asia-Pacific market. In fact, 65 percent of A380 capacity is to, from, or within Asia-Pacific, with over 50,000 seats offered on nearly 500 services performed every week.

In addition to its high-profile Asia-Pacific presence, the double-deck jetliner is a familiar sight in Europe – with some 250 weekly services to destinations in this market, as well as in North America – performing over 200 services per week.

Overall, A380s regularly operate at more than 30 airports globally and cover around 65 scheduled routes that circle the world with the nine current operators: Malaysia Airlines, Air France, China Southern, Emirates, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways International.

Underscoring its attractiveness not only at major hub facilities such as London-Heathrow, Los Angeles International, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt, the A380 performs scheduled operations to destinations that include Auckland,  Manchester, Montreal, Jeddah and Johannesburg.

“In its sixth year of service, the A380 is delivering on all commitments, and exceeds the expectations, confirming that our motto: ‘Love at first flight’ is true for both the airlines and their passengers,” said Richard Carcaillet, Airbus’ Director of A380 Product Marketing.


  1. I think 100 air crafts in 6 years are very small sales. Though this A380 is perfect but needs special facilities in airports for loading.

    Perhaps cooperation between Airbus and authorities in Saudi Arabia for pilgrim season where millions arrive and leave Jeddah airport in few weeks will be fruitful for both sides!

  2. Was on Lufthansa A380 about year ago from SIN-FRA. This time in about 3 weeks I'll be on Air France A380 SIN-CDG. Looking forward to see if there is much difference between the two flights.

    1. Lucky you, I always get excited about travelling on the A380!

    2. I certainly hope the Air France seats are a bit better. On Lufthansa they were not truly flat seats. There were still an incline as it only went to 168 degrees. You always feel that you are falling down the incline.

  3. All the fuss for 100 aircraft in six years I wouldn't be bragging I would be selling.

  4. Sunil Zephaniah KanaparthiMarch 25, 2013 at 2:51 PM

    Great!!! We can imagine how fast the technology is moving forward. My best wishes to the Airbus industry.


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