Thursday, March 21, 2013

PHOTO TOUR: Check out KLM’s new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior

KLM's new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior – including a new full-flat seat
KLM's new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior
Plenty of development happening in the European aviation market at the moment. First, British Airways unveiled the interiors of its forthcoming Airbus A380, and now KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has presented its new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior – including a new full-flat seat.

According to a press release, KLM aims to “accentuate the at-home feeling for Business Class customers and that calls for a new cabin interior. In this way, KLM is responding to its customers’ needs and wishes”.

The new interior will debut with a KLM Boeing 747-400, with the inaugural flight confirmed for July 2013. In fact, the airline’s entire 747 fleet (consisting of 22 aircraft) will be redecorated by April 2014. After that, work on KLM’s 15 Boeing 777-200s is planned for the summer of 2014.

I’ve included a photo on this page to give you a taster – but there are plenty more images, which I have uploaded as a photo album on my Facebook page. Check them out here!


Five facts about the new World Business Class (WBC) cabin interior:

1)    Cabin Interior: KLM has teamed up with Dutch top designer Hella Jongerius to introduce a brand-new atmosphere, furnishings and style in World Business Class. The guiding principle is the customer’s comfort and privacy. In addition to the new full-flat seats, the interior features new carpeting, panel decorations, curtains, lighting, blankets, cushions and upholstery.

2)    Full-Flat Seat: The new full-flat seat can be reclined horizontally so the passenger can lie fully flat. The seat position in the cabin and the partition between television screens ensure greater privacy for passengers. There are also storage compartments in the seats beside the passengers and under the television screens. The number of seats in World Business Class will be reduced from 42 to 35 aboard the Boeing 747-400. KLM has chosen the Diamond Seat manufactured by B/E Aerospace.

3)    Design Concept: The guiding principle of new design is to ensure that passengers feel at home on board. That involves a transition from a business-like look to a greater sense of being at home. This has been achieved by using a characteristically warm colour palette, more sustainable materials, and by enhancing personal comfort. The design is timeless, recognisable and unified by the decorative dot patterns that feature on every item.

4)    KLM Blue: The new interior features the fresh and recognisable KLM blue. To ensure the sense of comfort on board, Hella Jongerius has blended warmer and darker colours into the existing colour range making the KLM blue sparkle even more. The five new colours are aubergine, dark brown, midnight blue, cobalt and dark grey.

5)    Innovative and Sustainable: Sustainability is another point of focus for KLM in all new developments. In meeting this requirement, Hella Jongerius sought new solutions within the existing options available to the airline industry. The carpeting, for instance, was manufactured partly of discarded KLM ladies’ uniforms. KLM recycles all of its discarded carpets in collaboration with carpet manufacturer Desso based on the cradle-to-cradle principle.

What are your views on the new business class? As always, please feel free to share your comments here, and you can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - I look forward to connecting with you.

“I am convinced that this contemporary design will be greatly appreciated by our most valued customers and live up to their needs and wishes,” commented Peter Hartman, President and CEO of KLM. “Even in times of financial difficulty, KLM continues to invest in customer comfort. I am proud of this superb and unique result: an entire World Business Class cabin created by a leading Dutch designer. In this way, we aim to give our passengers that warm at-home feeling.”


  1. Only 16 seats? Is that the pointy end on the main deck? It looks a bit off centre

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this, Robeel. As a former KLM-er, I just loved it.

  3. Looks very light, with impression of space. I wonder how easy it will be to keep the seat surrounds clean? Also looks a little too much like an office rather than somewhere to relax?

  4. Too bad this is not available in a couple of weeks. It would have made my journey to HKG that much more comfortable.

    1. It looks amazing. Have an awesome time in HKG btw.

    2. Yes, I will do Ibrahim.

    3. Out of curiosity, where will you be flying from?

  5. Gabrielle SarmientoMarch 23, 2013 at 9:47 AM

    It looks too much like an office environment.

  6. Nyasha Harmony GutsaMarch 23, 2013 at 11:42 AM

    Looks similar to Singapore Airlines.

  7. Similar to Singapore Airlines? Not at all. Besides, KLM's service is more like a budget airline compared to Singapore Airlines.

  8. Juditha-Jade PARKINSONMarch 24, 2013 at 4:21 PM

    Very refreshing. I just hope the passengers in this cabin on 2014 will not forget that they are not in the comfort of their living room but inside a plane. :))

  9. Many thanks for the valuable information, please keep this standard of information.


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