Thursday, March 7, 2013

PHOTOS & VIDEO: Step inside the forthcoming British Airways Airbus A380

The Club World Cabin in BA's forthcoming A380 aircraft
The Club World Cabin in BA's forthcoming A380 aircraft
British Airways has unveiled an online photo album that highlights the interiors of its forthcoming Airbus A380 aircraft, which is scheduled for delivery in July 2013.

According to a press release, the national carrier’s first double-decker superjumbo will make its debut on the “Red Carpet Route” to Los Angeles, while Hong Kong will be the second destination.

Excited avgeeks should note: dates for the very first commercial services on BA’s inaugural A380 will be announced once plans for training flights are completed.

A photo of the interiors is featured on this page – while the entire photo gallery (with images from all four cabins, including first class) can be viewed on my Facebook page – click here to check them out!

Full details of the interior of the British Airways A380 will be unveiled when it arrives at Heathrow in the summer.

The Airbus A380 will be the largest aircraft in the British Airways fleet, accommodating a total of 469 passengers.

This figure includes 14 seats in First (located at the front of the main deck), 97 seats in Club World (business class – split between the main deck and upper deck) and 55 seats in World Traveller Plus (premier economy – located in the upper deck). The rest are World Traveller (economy class – situated in both the main and upper deck).

A video tour is also available below:

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  1. Giles O'KeeffeMarch 12, 2013 at 8:06 PM

    Been waiting for the BA A380... they should call it Upstairs, Downstairs. Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. is it just me or does the leg room look a bit tight on the world traveller economy?!

  3. Middle centre seat business class facing backwards looking at two other passengers and climbing over them to get out looks aweful - what a compromise. Cost over comfort I'd say.

  4. Typical BA, no imagination. Still at least they spent the saved money on decent lounge food.

    Oh wait, no they didn't, they've got rid of the food in the lounge, and replaced it with something you might find at 3AM on peckham high street.


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