Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shocking video of airport rage incident in China goes viral

Yan Linkun's airport rage video in China has gone viral
Yan Linkun's China airport rage video has gone viral
As a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Yan Linkun is probably used to media coverage… but nothing compared to his recent controversy at Kunming Changshui International Airport.

A video of Mr Linkun at the boarding gate has gone viral. But this is not an average boarding gate experience, as he’s seen smashing computer equipment and attempting to break down a window.

It's a pretty shocking incident… but what prompted this behaviour? The incident has received a lot of media coverage (unsurprisingly) and it seems Mr Linkun arrived at the airport with his wife and two sons in plenty of time to board their morning flight.

However, after checking into the flight and having breakfast, they reached their counter too late to board… oops! As a result, the family were switched to a later flight at 1pm, but again missed the last call – maybe they were having lunch this time, I’m not sure.

I don’t need to write in detail what happened next, as the video shows it all. Missing the second flight led to Mr Linkun slamming his foot into the desk, throwing a keyboard into the computer monitors, and trying to break the airport’s glass doors with a signboard. Lots of people are watching but no one really intervenes.

There are actually two videos of the incident doing the rounds online, I’ve included the much clearer version (with sound) below:

The University of Pennsylvania blog Language Log has even provided a loose translation of the video footage:

“I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. What do you mean, huh?! What do you mean, huh?! I originally booked a first class [ticket]…. You’re really bullying me…. And not just once?! You’re really taking advantage of me. Hai! Hurry up and open the door!… Hai, how can you be like this? Really browbeating me!… First class….”

According to media reports, Yan Linkun has since been suspended from his official party duties pending an investigation. He has also publicly apologised for his explosive rampage at the airport.

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  1. A typical third world official, who thinks he is above law and anything.

  2. What a silly jerk, and certainly he would be charged for all damages of what he had caused.

  3. I have been airline pilot in China for 16 years, and that is standard Chinese people, they always arrive late and think the plane wait for them. I can not count how many times we have been waiting up to 40 min to push back from the gate, waiting people to arrive at the boarding gate, and in the airport from the check in to the gate, is only max 15 min including security checks. So how to be late ? And even more how to be 40 min late ? The reason is that the airline always wait. In Singapore the departing gate close 10 min before departure and if you are 1 min late, then to bad sorry.
    Chinese people need to learn to take it serious, and be on time.
    Don't worry he will not be charged with anything, and will most likely get his job back.
    Where where the airport security ?

  4. Unacceptable, an arrogant anger challenged taser candidate with too many cups of coffee or deer antler consumed.

    Concern, yes! No immediate action taken by a very shocked and tolerant security staff. What if he had been more aggressive?

  5. In China the security staff will not intervene with a Party member. They are untouchables.

    1. Otto Willum NielsenMarch 21, 2013 at 9:48 AM

      That is correct, party members think they are above everything, and like many Chinese people think they can always be late for a flight, as we used to wait up to 45 min for slow people to arrive at the gate, I have many times asked to remove the suitcase and close the gate, but each time, being told to wait, then how will they ever learn to be on time ?

      They say that he was suspended, he will never pay one dime for the damage, and when then news settle down, he will be reinstated like nothing ever happened.
      Party members don't need to pay motorway fees nor can they get a speeding or parking fine, they are above the law.

  6. Another good reason not to go to China or fly dodgy Chinese airlines.

    1. Otto Willum NielsenMarch 21, 2013 at 3:15 PM

      Nothing wrong with the Chinese airlines, there are as good and safe as any other airline.

  7. Don't make derogatory remarks unless you know what you are talking about. The Chinese airlines do a fine job (as opposed to some of the Western operators that have crashed 3 Premier business jets in the last month with deaths in each accident)! This guy will be punished, the government will not tolerate this sort of conduct from anyone, especially an official.

  8. Party members are above the law indeed, but the shame that this individual brought on himself (and his family) is already a very big punishment, in face-conscious China.

  9. Maybe like any other politician he was trying to get people’s attention. People do crazy things to get attention.

  10. Juditha-Jade PARKINSONMarch 24, 2013 at 5:58 PM

    He did it in China because he knew he could get away with it. If he was a Belgian official and did it anywhere (in Belgium or in another country), he would not only be sued for destroying public property but also be pressured to resign from his public position.


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