Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Your chance to interview Bahrain Air’s CEO about airline closure

Why did Bahrain Air lose its sparkle? Ask CEO Richard Nuttall
Why did Bahrain Air lose its sparkle?
After blogging about the demise of Bahrain Air a few weeks back, I’ve been inundated with comments about the unfortunate development, not only on the blog itself, but Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+… the works!

Opinions have been mixed – some believe that Bahrain Air never reached its potential and was a victim of political interference, others believe that a small country such as Bahrain could not support more than one airline and national carrier Gulf Air would always be given more importance.

Have a read through the comment section of the original post – it’s interesting reading!

With so much interest in the story, and so many questions to ask, I got in touch with Bahrain Air CEO Richard Nuttall – someone I have met and interviewed on numerous occasions during my time as senior group editor of Aviation Business magazine.

Of course, with everything that's happening at the moment, he’s a very busy man. But, as a really kind gesture, he’s agreed to be interviewed on www.TheAviationWriter.com to discuss the fall of Bahrain Air.

While I was drafting some questions for him, I thought it would be even better to involve my readers… so here is YOUR chance to interview Richard Nuttall! Was Bahrain Air destined for failure? In hindsight, would Richard have done anything different? What are his future plans?

Whatever your question, email me (robeelhaq@gmail.com) before 10th March 2013. Richard will answer 5 questions in total… and yours might be included. You can also get in touch via the usual channels – Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


  1. It's sad listening that Bahrain Air going to close their operations. I want to ask Mr. CEO the reasons behind the closure.

  2. Juditha-Jade PARKINSONMarch 6, 2013 at 7:17 AM

    For CEOs, the company's demise is never a personal problem. They receive exorbitant compensations for "good" service to the company. LOL as if the ordinary employees were merely sitting and counting the birds in the sky during office hours.

    My question is: What will be his next professional move? In what company? I'm sure he has already received at least a dozen offers to work for other companies.

  3. Aiman AbdulwahedMarch 6, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    Yes I would like to ask the CEO: what were the main obstacles to let this airline closing operations?

  4. The lack of compensation for the closure of Iraq and Iran routes was reported as the main reason that the airline went bust. Looking from perspective, was it a good strategy to rely on Bahraini goverment promises rather than prepare the turnaround process and build the strategy based on real market conditions?


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