Friday, April 12, 2013

Ever wondered how an aircraft is painted? Images of BA’s first A380 paint job!

The first British Airways A380 took 14 days to paint with 24 painters
The first British Airways A380 took 14 days to paint

Earlier this month, we were treated to the first exterior images of British Airways’ forthcoming A380, soon after the aircraft was painted in the national carrier’s red, white and blue colour scheme.

Those images soon became the second most viewed post on this blog – click here to check them out, in case you missed the photos earlier.

Anyway, Airbus has been kind enough to release some ‘insider’ photos of the paint job, which are too good not to share with readers of!

I’ve included one of them on this page and the rest have been added to the BA A380 album on my Facebook page – click here to view them.

Painting such a massive aircraft is not a simple task. In fact, it took 24 painters a total of two weeks at Airbus’ Hamburg hangar to apply five coats of paint.

The painters stood on eight moveable platforms up to 30 metres from the ground, armed with spray guns, traditional paint rollers and small paint brushes (a pretty cool job, if you ask me).

What’s more, they used 2,300 litres of paint to cover an area of 3,500 square metres. Although the total weight of the five layers of paint covering the aircraft weighs around 650kg, the paint applied is no thicker than a human hair.

Does anyone else think being an aircraft painter is a pretty cool job? It takes a lot of dedication though - the specialists in these photos spent three years training to learn how to paint an A380!


  1. It´s very nice c/s for A380 and as well as very good for third airline operate this type a/c in EU. I hope that it is not for long airline with A380.

  2. The painting of Aircraft is a well planned project. I have witnessed hundreds of A/C paintings inn My 40 years in the business. The main concern is the Health of the Painters. The #2 concern is the Security of the Proto-type Paint scheme. It is always designed to be a Marketing Surprise for the "ROLL-OUT".


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