Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amazing time-lapse video of British Airways staff creating Boeing 747 artwork

The special artwork created by British Airways staff at Heathrow Airport
The special artwork created by British Airways staff at Heathrow Airport
Avgeeks (including myself) are often fascinated with weird and wonderful facts about aircraft, so I’m guessing this latest artwork (and ‘making of’ time-lapse video) from British Airways will be well-received in the community.

Filmed inside an aircraft hangar at Heathrow airport, around 50 employees from across British Airways came together to produce a giant piece of artwork using routine items that are loaded into a Boeing 747-400 before it takes to the skies.

And we’re talking about THOUSANDS of different items! For a Boeing 747-400, items with a combined weight of 6,120kg are unloaded and re-loaded before every take-off – everything from metal cutlery and china crockery to cushions, pillows and air sickness bags.

With that in mind, it’s not a surprise that the artwork took a massive seven hours to create… so high-fives to everyone involved.

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In July 2013, when British Airways takes delivery of its first A380, the number of items loaded on to a plane will increase by approximately 10,000 to cater for two full decks of customers.

You can watch the time-lapse video below and keep reading for more interesting facts.

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  • Clouds were created using pillowcases, toilet roll, hand towels and napkins.
  • The sky was created using Club World blankets and blue roll (kitchen roll).
  • The aircraft was created using pillowcases, cabin crew sleeping bags, First blankets, china, headrest covers, Skyflyer bags for children and headrest covers.
  • The aircraft windows were created using bags of nuts.
  • The aircraft tailfin was created using headset bags and extension seatbelts for children.
  • London Eye (London skyline) was created using a teapot, metal cutlery, china and socks.
  • The Shard (London skyline) was created using tea and coffee bags.
  • The Gherkin (London skyline) was created using First cushion covers and socks.
  • Tower Bridge (London skyline) was created using First slippers and Club World washbags
  • Big Ben’s Tower (London skyline) was created using air sickness bags, a plate and metal cutlery (clock face)
  • Other buildings (London skyline) were created using oven trays, glasses, safety cards, tongs and copies of High Life magazine.

“It’s a huge job getting a jumbo in to the air, let alone a fleet of 52 every day,” commented Rod Green, British Airways’ head global supply.

“There are teams across the airline working together 365 days a year to ensure that all 27,260 items are delivered on time and to the right place to ensure our customers enjoy the very best travel experience. When we receive our new aircraft, the challenge will be even greater.”

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  1. I commend the work journalism plays in the aviation sector it's if no use to do business behind closed doors and later we read about skeletons in the deal.

  2. Great to watch... well done.

  3. waouh amazing team work spirit using old -used items . Simply great


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