Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PHOTOS: LAN and TAM receive first A320s with Sharklets

LAN Airlines Airbus A320 with 2.4-metre tall Sharklets
LAN Airlines' Airbus A320 with 2.4-metre tall Sharklets
Sharklets are taking over! Already this month, I have covered the delivery of Volaris’ first Sharklet-equipped Airbus A320 (click here for the article / photos) as well as Jetstar’s latest Sharklet-equipped A320 (which also marked the airline’s fleet reaching 100 aircraft).

We can add LAN and TAM Airlines to the list as well, as the two Latin American carriers took delivery of their first Airbus A320s equipped with Sharklets this week.

The airlines, which are both part of the LATAM Airlines Group, will operate their latest aircraft (which is powered by CFM) on domestic routes within Chile and Brazil.

I’ve included an image of the LAN aircraft this page, and there’s a whole photo album to enjoy on my Facebook page – click here to view them!

LAN and TAM Airlines have ordered a combined 380 aircraft and have more than 240 aircraft in operation. Their joint Airbus backlog totals nearly 180 aircraft.

PHOTO: Tail section for first Qatar Airways A380 rolls out of paint shop


  • Sharklets are made from light-weight composites and are 2.4 metres tall.
  • They are an option on new-build A320 Family aircraft.
  • They allow Airbus’ airline customers to reduce fuel burn up to four percent over longer sectors and reduce approximately 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per aircraft per year.
  • Sharklets offer operators the flexibility of either adding an additional 100 nautical miles range or increased payload capability of up to 450 kilograms.


  1. Sharklets will soon be over taken by winglets. They are taller. As the aerodynamics are going for very small percentage improvements in cruise performance more and more 'oddities' will come forth.

    I think the observer maybe confused between sharklets and winglets.

  2. Is there a difference between the two?

  3. IS it really 2.4 meter height ????

  4. We have a Monarch Airlines A320 based in Leeds UK with Sharklets! They look epic! It was one of the first to have the Sharklets fitted!

  5. I have never attempted to understand the science behind winglets. What they do exactly is unknown to me. But they seem to have something to do with the vortex generated at the wingtips, while the wing generates lift.

    It was my understanding, vortexes were a bigger problem for smaller aircraft, that were trying to land and takeoff behind a big heavy. And while almost every modern aircraft out there now have winglets or sharklets on the tips, I've never got the full details why.

    Anyone have info on the science and engineering of winglets?

  6. The problem is the strobe lights are positioned to disturb you at night.


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