Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PHOTO: Wizz Air Hungary welcomes its first Airbus A320 with Sharklets

Wizz Air's A320 with sharklets (photo provided by Airbus)
Wizz Air's A320 with sharklets (photo provided by Airbus)
Airbus seems to be delivering a lot of A320s with Sharklets at the moment, with the fuel-saving wing tip devices making their debuts in many fleets around the world.

Wizz Air Hungary became the latest carrier to receive its first A320 with Sharklets this week – I’ve included a photo (provided by Airbus’s media relations department) on this page.

Marketing itself as the largest Central and Eastern European ‘low cost – low fare’ carrier, Wizz Air Hungary is actually the region’s first airline to operate a Sharklet-equipped A320.

Including this delivery, Wizz Air Hungary’s in service fleet rises to 38 Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

Looking at the wide picture, Wizz Air Ukraine received its first A320 with Sharklets in March 2013 and Wizz Air’s cumulative orders stand at 112 aircraft.

“Sharklets are newly designed wing-tip devices that improve the aircraft’s aerodynamics and significantly cut the airline’s fuel burn and emissions by four per cent on longer sectors,” Airbus stated in a press release.

“They offer the flexibility to A320 Family operators of either adding around 100 nautical miles more range or allowing an increased payload capability of up to 450 kilograms,” added the aircraft manufacturer.


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