Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Genius! Richard Branson flashes underwear to promote Virgin Atlantic's domestic service

Richard Branson promotes Virgin Atlantic Little Red
Richard Branson promotes Little Red
Whenever there’s a launch event involving Sir Richard Branson, the media are more or less guaranteed an interesting photo opportunity.

And that was the case with the recent launch of Virgin Atlantic’s first-ever domestic flight service (otherwise known as ‘Little Red’), which will offer four daily round-trips between London Heathrow and Manchester, six daily round-trips to Edinburgh and a further three daily round-trips to Aberdeen.

During a trip to Edinburgh yesterday as part of a Little Red promotional tour, Sir Richard arrived with a clear message for the competition. In summary, he wore a kilt, he lifted the kilt, and he flashed his underwear to the photographers… which had ‘stiff competition’ written on them.

Of course, the gimmick has worked wonders and photos of Sir Richard and his pants are getting extensive media coverage around the world. Even on this blog!

Yes, I’ve included an image provided from Virgin Atlantic’s press office on this page and there’s a whole photo album of them on my Facebook page – including some nice aircraft images (in case the photos of Sir Richard and his pants are not your cup of tea… which I would definitely understand). Click here to view them.

“Virgin Atlantic has been on an incredible journey since we started with a single plane 29 years ago. Little Red represents the next step on that journey as we go head to head with British Airways to provide domestic flights that deliver Virgin Atlantic’s rock and roll spirit as well as real value for money,” commented Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic founder and president.


  1. Desperate times demand desperate measures, the maneuver was bizarre coming from Branson. There are better aviation models who could have done better, anyway perhaps things are thick for Virgin and hence the debacle.

  2. Juditha-Jade PARKINSONApril 10, 2013 at 12:16 PM

    Okay, he's a genius. The mere fact that he got his millions... Not commenting on that. However, flashing his undies for publicity's sake? Rather want to see a male model to do so.

  3. What a jerk... I would never be caught with my pants down in public. Tell him to stop taking drugs.

  4. We all look for things that will change our aviation businesses and yet in so many ways our industry remains very conservative and short on inovation.

    Doesn't mean we should all go round wearing kilts with messages underneath them, (I for one would not look a pretty picture ), but it does mean we need to be more passionate and bold as we look to drive our industry forward to better heights and meeting the expectations of our customers.

    1. sad that Branson has to be weird to sell his airline., He has done such wonerful deeds for humanity and the animal kingdom which itself should speak for themselves.

  5. Oh NOooo, he's wearing "Tidy Whities". That's the embarrassing part of this story! He he...

  6. I would say, he got the money, the guts and the sense of humor to go the way he wants to go. Millions do not buy anything if you do not have what it takes. Bravo.


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