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REVEALED: 10 worst airlines in the world for economy class travel

Syrian Air has been named one the world's worst airline for economy class travel
A clue for one of the worst airline economy class!
A lot of the ‘top 10’ lists on this blog focus on the positive – so, the ten best business class cabins, the ten best long-haul airlines, the ten best cabin crew uniforms… etc.

However, today we’ll look at a different kind of list… the ten WORST airlines for economy class travel. The rankings were actually published by, based on “the most unpleasant in-flight experiences” on long-haul routes.

To produce this list, the website looked at ratings (scored on a scale of one to five) from leading airline reviewer Skytrax for seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, cabin cleanliness and condition, quality of meals served, and service efficiency.

Each measure was adjusted to be out of 100, and averaged to produce a final score that reflects the overall in-flight experience.

So which airlines does Business Insider think we should avoid for long-haul travel in economy class? Check the list below - and don't forget to like my Facebook page to stay updated with more aviation top 10s, images and videos - click here to visit.

10 Worst Airlines In The World For Economy Class Travel

  1. Turkmenistan Airlines (Rated 30.8 out of 100 for economy class)
  2. Sudan Airways (Rated 33.3 out of 100 for economy class)
  3. Ukraine International Airlines (Rated 36.3 out of 100 for economy class)
  4. Uzbekistan Airways (Rated 37.5 out of 100 for economy class)
  5. Air Koryo (Rated 39.2 out of 100 for economy class)
  6. Bulgaria Air (Rated 41.8 out of 100 for economy class)
  7. Rossiya Airlines (Rated 42.7 out of 100 for economy class)
  8. Iceland Express (Rated 42.8 out of 100 for economy class)
  9. Tajik Air (Rated 43.3 out of 100 for economy class)
  10. Syrian Air (Rated 44.8 out of 100 for economy class)

What are your thoughts on the list? Were the right airlines featured? Let me know by leaving a comment here or you can also get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ - I look forward to connecting with you!

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  1. I fly very often with Bulgaria Air and I do not agree with this list! They have new aircrafts. The cabin crew is amazing - very polite, professional and always with a smile. Their english is fluent! They have professional pilots and we - the passagers do not understand when we takeoff and when we landing! They serve up on board a lot of drinks, chocolates, sandwitches. Their onboard sale is not expensive and have always newspapers. How is possible to be one of the worst aircompany?

  2. What about Ryanair? Or Norwegian Airshuttle

  3. The only way you would find me on one of these airlines is in an urn in the hold. Then again the service there might just be equivalent to that in economy.

  4. Except for Iceland Express, curiously, all airlines are confined in a well defined, rather small spot of the world.

  5. Well, in a way, that's good. All the places I never go!

  6. I cant believe it! I always fly with Uzbekistan airways and its the best airline that I have been in! The crew is very friendly, the food is excellent and the best is that somtimes when there's only a few people on the plane the crew lets you sit on the buisness or even the first class!

  7. Mr./Ms./Mrs. Journalist you must be joking - is this all you have seen in the world of aviation? It appears you have never been to Africa...........

    1. Couldnt agree more...Taag Airlines for a start.

  8. It is missing a Brazilan airline called "GOL". This is the worste brazilian airline.


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