Thursday, May 9, 2013

PHOTO: Boeing Rolls Out First 787 Dreamliner at Increased Production Rate

First Boeing 787 aircraft at increased production rate [Photo: Boeing]
First 787 at increased production rate [Photo: Boeing]
After all the hassles that Boeing has been experiencing with its 787 aircraft, it’s great to hear that the first Dreamliner to be built at the increased production rate of seven airplanes per month has just rolled out of the factory.

The airplane, which rolled out earlier this week, is the 114th 787 to be built overall and the 100th 787 to be built at the Everett, Wash., factory.

To celebrate, I’ve included a cool photo of the aircraft on this page, supplied by Boeing, which shows this special 787 is a British Airways one! Plus you can will find lots of Dreamliner photos on my Facebook page, click here to visit.

MORE PHOTOS: First look at Norwegian Air’s Boeing 787 in red and white livery

Boeing's 787 programme is on track to achieve a planned 10 per month rate by year-end. The production rate accounts for airplanes built at the Everett Final Assembly facility, the Everett Temporary Surge Line and Boeing South Carolina.

To date, 50 787s have been delivered to eight airlines. The programme has more than 800 unfilled orders with 58 customers worldwide.

MORE PHOTOS: China receives its 1000th Boeing aircraft, featuring a special peacock livery


  1. The BA livery looks great on the 787. I didn't know they ordered it.

    1. Yeah, they have the A380 and 787 coming up...

  2. I think that BA have around 42 787's on order

  3. Arnaud Aubin MassambaMay 10, 2013 at 11:21 PM

    Development continued during the year on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner long-range wide-body.

  4. I like the Dream Liner. And it's an American product. But what is the advantage of the new 787, over, say, the 777, or the A-380?

    It's a nice "wide body," but beyond that,...? Why should airline companies have an interest, in the 787, over other long range "heavys?"

    1. The 787 will be used on routes where the demand cannot justify a larger 777 or A380. Airlines have described the planned utilisation as "long thin routes"

      Typically for British Airways the 787 will seat 214 passengers, the A380 - 469 and the 777-300ER will seat 300.

      The range of the 787-9 variant is the same as the A380 at 15,700KMS or 10,000 miles.

      The 787 will be economical to use whilst flying far fewer passengers due to it's low fuel burn because of it's lighter construction


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