Wednesday, June 5, 2013

VIDEO: Impact of severe turbulence filmed on Singapore Airlines flight

What’s the worst turbulence you have experienced during a flight?

Most of the incidents we’ve encountered are probably tame in comparison to a recent Singapore Airlines flight to London… which not only created one hell of a mess inside the aircraft, but also injured a crew member and 11 passengers.

Video footage from the incident, filmed by a passenger, is doing the rounds online and shows the shocking aftermath of extreme turbulence. You can watch it below, and keep reading for further details.

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Alan Cross, who was also travelling on the flight, told ABC News that passengers were warned about impending turbulence and that the breakfast service would be temporarily suspended.

Soon after the seatbelt sign came on, the captain ordered all flight attendants to be seated, at which point the flight encountered turbulence that felt 'like being in an elevator with a cut cable or free-falling from some amusement park ride.'

While the video footage shows the aftermath of the turbulence, it doesn’t capture the moment that everything not tied down (including coffee cups, cutlery and even a handful of people) hit the ceiling, according to Cross.

However, to Singapore Airlines’ credit, the crew was quick to response and the mess was cleaned-up within an hour.

“The cabin crew was amazing in the aftermath, as were fellow passengers who helped everyone around them then in a calm and efficient clean-up,” stated Cross, adding that they even checked for passenger injuries and handed out boxes of chocolates once the plane landed.

“Eleven passengers and one crew member sustained minor injuries when the aircraft experienced a sudden loss of altitude and were attended to by medical personnel on arrival at Heathrow Airport,” Singapore Airlines commented in a statement. “Seat-belt signs were on at the time and meal services had already been suspended.”

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  1. Experienced some severe turbulence like this on a Porter Airlines flight from Washington DC to Toronto in April this year. It felt exactly like this passenger described as if you were in an elevator or roller coaster. Adding to the stress we also had a medical emergency onboard and the flight diverted back to DC shortly after entering the area of turbulence. The pilots never stated their reason for diverting rather than carrying on since we were about half way to Toronto, so we could have gone either way. However, I suspect they didn't want to carry on through the turbulence and perhaps cause the sick passenger any more problems. I for one am glad they decided to go back, I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters! The ride back was rather exciting, we dropped altitude and picked up speed and it felt like the pilots were hand flying all the way back. Once we were on the ground and the passenger was offloaded in an ambulance the cabin crew told us the passenger kept going in and out of consciousness. So throwing them around the cabin, especially as the crew were helping him unrestrained, would have been very dangerous. This was also the first time I've ever heard the phrase "is there a doctor onboard" being used seriously! Quite an experience either way, and the crew handled it all very calmly and professionally!


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