Saturday, July 27, 2013

PHOTO: Boeing unveils new-look livery, which debuts on a 787-9 Dreamliner

First Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Features New Boeing Livery
Boeing Commercial Airplanes unveiled a new-look livery today, with the design making its debut on the first 787-9 Dreamliner.

Having just rolled out of the paint hanger, the 787-9 will complement and extend the 787 family, offering airlines the ability to grow routes opened with the 787-8.

“With the fuselage stretched by 20 feet (6 meters), the 787-9 will carry 40 more passengers an additional 300 nautical miles (555 kilometres), with 20 percent less fuel use and 20 percent fewer emissions than similarly sized airplanes,” stated Boeing in a press release.

“The 787-9 leverages the visionary design of the 787-8, offering the features passengers prefer such as large, dimmable windows, large stow bins, modern LED lighting, higher humidity, a lower cabin altitude, cleaner air and a smoother ride.”

I've included a photo of the new livery on this page - what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave you comments below, as always.

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  1. Destined for Air New Zealand!

  2. Nice for the 9!! As always my BOEING, you are on top of the world with aviation...

  3. Looks good and very advanced...from the outside, but what about some pics from the insides ??, and maybe a video clip from airborne to touch down... :-)

  4. The Dreamliner is a state of the art aircraft and got a bad rap with the electrical problems earlier this year. Hope this model gives it some good press.

  5. My DREAMLINER ♥ __ ♥

  6. Maybe they should concentrate on fixing the problems of the present one, instead of working on derivatives and plug expansions.

  7. This looks AWESOME. Similarly (kind of) sleek front like the decommissioned Concord. I can't wait to fly in one.


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