Friday, July 5, 2013

PHOTO: Tiger Airways unveils re-branding… but viral photo shows new logo PEELING off airplane!

With much excitement, Tiger Airways was re-branded as Tigerair this week, marking a brand new identity for the Asian low-cost carrier. However, there’s already been an initial hiccup with the re-branding exercise, which was spotted by internet users almost immediately.

“The new face of Tigerair has a fresh and upbeat look that embodies its brand personality — warm, passionate and genuine,” boasted a press release for the Singapore-born and bred airline. “The leaping tiger that used to be the main element of Tigerair’s logo has made way for a contemporary grey rounded font typography, with blushing orange accents.”

Koay Peng Yen, Group CEO of Tiger Airways Holdings, explained that a number of changes have been initiated since late last year, and the new brand identity should be seen as “a reinforcement of our commitment towards a better and bolder Tigerair”.

He added, “We look forward to being the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific, and being part of the communities we fly to.”

All sounds good so far, right? However, a photo of a Tigerair plane with the new branding has started to appear online. I’ve included the image on this page... notice anything with the logo?

The photo was posted on Reddit under the headline ‘Tiger Airways new livery doesn't set in time. Gets damaged during its first flight to Alice Springs’.

The image has even been doing the rounds on various aviation forums. “Heard the livery is actually stickers and already started peeling off by the time they arrived in ASP!” stated a user on Sydney Airport Message Board.

Meanwhile, the same photo has been drawing criticism at popular pilot website “If they’re trying to make the public believe they are low cost then they have got the look right,” commented one user. “Nothing like a cheap sticker half peeled off to say we’re cheap. I would guess the whole rebranding had a $1500 budget.”

VIDEO: Crossing the line? Pilots must have their armpits sniffed before Hainan Airlines hires them!

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  1. The TIGER Tail is quite appealing! An eye catcher!

  2. Budget airline, budget paint job....


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