Thursday, July 25, 2013

VIDEO: US Airways flight delayed after bees swarm around aircraft, leaving passengers stranded onboard for hours

An image from showing the US Airways plane as experts try to move away a swarm of beesIf you’re a fan of Samuel L Jackson films, you’ll know about the perils of snakes on a plane. However, passengers onboard a recent US Airways flight lived out an unlikely sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster involving a swarm of bees!

Around 70 people had already boarded the airplane at Charlotte Douglas Airport this week, ready to depart on their flight to Indianapolis, when a last-minute delay was announced by the pilot.

The reason? A large number of bees were hovering around the airplane nose, close to the push-back tug, and the stubborn swarm was refusing to be moved.

Unfortunately for passengers, the flight was unable to take off until the situation was resolved, and nobody could leave the plane for safety reasons.

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At face value, moving the swarm would appear an easy task, however initial attempts only angered the pesky creatures. Fearing for the worst, cabin crew even started to check if passengers were allergic, while paramedics were also called on stand-by.

Thankfully, an unlikely hero soon appeared on the scene in the form of a local bee keeper, who used his expertise to quickly shoo away the bees, allowing the flight to depart a couple of hours later than scheduled.

While the situation was out of US Airways’ control, passengers were treated to $100 vouchers for a future flight... and hopefully our man of the moment, Mr Bee Keeper, managed to snag one too.

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  1. Jose Manuel ConcepcionJuly 26, 2013 at 9:38 AM

    That proves that the CRJs are under maintenance.

  2. That must sucks for the passengers that waited for hours until the bees are finally gone.

  3. Following the incident, the Airline said it would be 'BeesNest' as usual, and said that if passengers had any concerns about the time of their flight, they should just give them a 'Buzz' on their number!

  4. That's a first for me...crazy.

  5. ...the passengers were 'hived' off to another airline and not 'stung' for another ticket ;-)

  6. This had to have been extremely irritating for the passengers. It is apparent that the aircraft was not an actual US Airways aircraft but rather a CRJ probably operated by a regional airline outsourced by US Airways. That means that 70 passengers were crammed into very tight spaces for two hours - plus their flight time- as this aircraft is nowhere near the size of an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 or even a 50's era Convair 440. Obviously the airport now has another item to include in its safety and security plans and crisis response plans.


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