Monday, July 29, 2013

VIDEO: Emergency vehicles greet Germanwings flight at Hamburg Airport after crew declare emergency

A Germanwings Airbus A319-100 was greeted by emergency vehicles at Hamburg AirportGermanwings received quite a welcome at Hamburg Airport earlier this week, after the airline declared emergency on a flight arriving from Stuttgart, with 149 people onboard.

Alarm bells were ringing soon after the Germanwings Airbus A319-100 departed from Stuttgart, with airport officials noticing that the airplane had left debris from its tyres on the runway.

According to a report in Aviation Herald, the flight crew was informed about the discovery and entered a hold at 7000 feet for around 25 minutes. During this time, emergency services from the airport and surrounding area were alerted.

A ground observer, Thomas Nebel, managed to film the Airbus A319’s landing on runway 22, where it was greeted by an impressive lineup of emergency vehicles.

The video, which you can view below, also shows the aircraft stopping on the runway for a check by emergency services, after which it taxied to the apron on own power. No damage was found on the gear or tyres.

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  1. Bennett GraingerJuly 29, 2013 at 6:15 PM

    I've seen something like this in Toronto...

  2. Forgive my ignorance... but is it safe to walk under a jet like that? I was wondering whether he'd get sucked into the engines?!

  3. well thats germany good organised and careful

  4. Glad to know about the care of German wings.I like this service.Its very responsible also.I get trusted on it.Nice work done on the blog and people get familiar with this in this way.


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