Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guest Post: KLM Aviation Empire Gives You The Opportunity to Run Your Own Airline

The marvellous machinations of modern air travel continue to achieve stunning industrial advancements that encourage massive consumer outreach. One of the daring innovations being yielded is the development of a technological interface that will allow passengers to conduct the operations of their own virtual airline. These new programs appear to be comprehensively in-depth, and their availability to the public is sure to attract significant media attention. The potential utility of simulation software is vast, and the application’s intuitive design is sure to spark public interest around the world.

Origins of the Virtual Airline

In an unprecedented business move, the company that initiated this new conceptual system is KLM. They have formally unveiled their inspired initiative, and the program is officially dubbed as “KLM: Aviation Empire.” It is a startlingly educational venture for the brand. The program steadily progresses through the worldwide history of air travel. A hundred years of aviation events are traversed utilizing the perspective of the company itself. Players will be able to take control of every minute element that comprises air travel, and they ultimately arrive in modern times to find the complex industry that is currently in place.

The prototypical development of this game showcases the company’s first attempt at marketing their brand for general consumption. In terms of animation quality, the game seamlessly transitions across a globe that is smoothly rendered to generate an engagingly sleek effect. There are copious tasks embedded into the interface that are capable of occupying a player’s attention for extended durations of time. These intricate features include land management, airport construction, customer outreach, airplane acquisition and international route navigation. Because the game’s sequence of events directly parallels the chronology of KLM’s inception, the first global connections formed are between Amsterdam and London.

Perks of the Software

There are several incentives for airlines to offer the services of online airline simulators. For instance, these revolutionary programs can provide a bountifully entertaining distraction during the era of extended waiting times in the terminal. The game can be fully integrated into individual travelling patterns around the world by offering achievement awards for arriving at different airports in real life. With this unique function, airlines can actually increase the amount of seats they sell on their flights. This feature is accomplished by encouraging avid participants to travel to various locations for the purpose of unlocking exclusive in-game material. In according with their historical theme, Amsterdam is a physical destination that provides grand virtual compensation.

Innately, this software has been programmed for portable enjoyment. It fluidly accommodates worldwide networks, and the game itself barely exposes any tendency to lag. The company does a phenomenal job of blending promotional material with factual information. By providing accurate details on the development of air travel, KLM demonstrates a reputably unbiased capacity. This ability to be objective will earn new consumers from an untapped arena of the market. The game is presently available for a variety of mobile platforms, which means that a continuous stream of internet savvy customers will be engaging with the brand for the first time.

Integration with Modern Times

Even though it may have the persona of a mere novelty device, some speculators have worried that the program may actually detail crucial aspects of airline operations to unwelcome parties. Fortunately, possible threats can be mitigated. Ideally, the creators will be able to prevent steadfast realism from providing vital information to prospective terrorists and hijackers. This has been managed by implementing subtle adjustments to accuracy. These slight alterations are too minor to be detected by the average user.

Players of the game  are rewarded in a number of ways such as getting game credits, which can be redeemed for various in-game items, such as new airplanes or landing rights in different cities around the globe. There is an opportunity to earn different kinds of badges after making progress and accomplishing certain goals in the game. By logging in with a Facebook account players can share their achievement and progress in the game with friends. The leader board feature show how well each player is doing among their friends and the rest of the world. There are claims that indicate KLM and game developers may be working on expanding how the game interacts with the real world. Among the ideas that have come up is putting leader boards on KLM boarding passes. Speculations suggested that KLM may give discounts on air travel for the top players of Aviation Empire. However, however no specifics were confirmed as of yet.

Surprisingly, this game’s glossy graphics are supported by unmatched substance. With credibility, the developers have brought a new forefront to the competitive industry of airline management. Online notoriety leads to an increased base of consumer support, which results in financial staying power for brands that connect to users through modern methods. Furthermore, the program’s massive entertainment values will likely provoke young people to pursue careers in a field that has witnessed a dwindling of its occupational applicants. “KLM: Aviation Empire” comfortably establishes the brand’s image for providing pristine service, and it invites flight enthusiasts to enjoy a first-hand retelling of the worldwide flying industry.

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