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The internet is packed with countless websites that focus on the aviation industry. Some are great, some are average, and some are terrible. Of course, I would like this blog to fall into the first category and the fact that you’re reading this page is a great sign!

My readers usually have one thing in common… they are passionate about aviation. Either they work in the industry (within an airline, airport, airfreight company… or something else) or they’re outsiders that love to read about the industry and keep updated with the latest developments.

Below is a list of useful links for other websites that focus on the aviation industry, which I wanted to share with you. Its work in progress –  but that’s because I want to take my time and ensure the list is centred on quality and not quantity.

If you would like to suggest additions to the list, please email me ( I’m especially keen to hear from other bloggers that want to exchange links.

AVIATION BLOG ROLL (Top aviation bloggers from around the world):

  • - run by David Parker Brown, this is one of the most popular aviation blogs around.
  • Things With Wings - the commercial aviation blog from Aviation Week, run by one of my favourite aviation journalists, Rupa Haria. 
  • Bangalore Aviation – run by Devesh Agarwal, this is one of the top 15 aviation blogs in the world, and the largest aviation analysis website in India.
  • - Run by Chris Sloan, this covers the world of commercial aviation with a unique twist. Featuring everything from airline timetables to photo tours of airport terminals.
  • World Airline News - run by Bruce Drum, this is a daily news site that covers the latest aviation updates from around the world.
  • The Cranky Flier – one of the world's most popular aviation blogs, run by Brett Snyder.
  • - A blog dedicated to discussing what it takes to learn to fly and the benefits of a private pilots license.
  • - Run by Patrick Flannigan, this website is mainly focused on the flight training world, with "Professional Skills for Private Pilots".
  • APEX Editor’s Blog – run by Mary Kirby, a much-loved blogger who is not only clued-up about aviation, but also social media.
  • Planegrazy - Run by Jarkko Haarala, this is a leading online source for aviation and travel enthusiasts. 
  • Oussama's Take - Run by Oussama Salah, this blog looks at interesting happenings within the aviation industry, and more!
  • - Run by Rohit Rao, this blog is focused on news and opinion about India's aviation industry.
  • - Edited by Miquel Ros, Allplane brings you news, analysis about the airline industry.



  • SimpliFlying - run by Shashank Nigam, this is a leading consulting firm that has advised over 25 airlines and airports on profitable customer engagement strategies that drive business goals. Great insight on aviation and social media.
  • - An aviation forum with more than 13,500 registered members.


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